Studio location Canberra and Glenferrie, Melbourne
Moving to Melbourne gave new direction for Joe's artwork as he explored the local environment through film, animation and painting
Melbourne Studio, 1991
wheatcar t-shirt Wheat cars
t-shirt, 14/1/1991

Developed from a montage of photographs.
road t-shirt Road
t-shirt, 17/1/1991

Taken from a view out the back of Silverton, New South Wales.
Paris windows t-shirt Paris windows
t-shirt, 20/1/1991

Panoramic view of Paris.
George Street, Sydney t-shirt George Street, Sydney
t-shirt, 22/1/1991

Artwork developed from historic photograph of George Street, Sydney.
Luna Park t-shirt Luna Park
t-shirt, 3/2/1991
Desert t-shirt Desert, t-shirt

Early views of outback Australia.
Outback landscape t-shirt Outback landscape
t-shirt, 22/6/1987?
Metamorph - Bottles t-shirt Metamorph - Bottles
t-shirt, 9/3/1991

Artwork developed from student film - Metamorph (UWSN).
Outback Australia t-shirt Outback Australia
t-shirt, 10/3/1991

Early outback artwork with air-brushed sky.
New York t-shirt New York
t-shirt, 22/3/1991

Image based on a photograph taken on Broadway, New York in the rain.
Car doors t-shirt Car doors
t-shirt, 4/4/1991

Second version of the car doors of an FJ Holden.
Metamorph Metamorph
t-shirt, 1991
Metamorph - Bottles Metamorph - Bottles
t-shirt, 5/4/1991
Flinders Street station Flinders Street station
t-shirt, 14/4/1991
Redundant t-shirt Redundant
t-shirt, 26/4/1991
Redundant t-shirt Redundant I
t-shirt, 1991

T-shirt developed from artwork for student film - Redundant.
Redundant t-shirt Redundant
t-shirt, 7/5/1991
Paris windows t-shirt Paris windows
t-shirt, 15/5/1991

Looking through a clock face to the city of Paris.
Redundant t-shirt Ronnie
t-shirt, 1991
Luna park t-shirt Luna Park
t-shirt, 15/6/1991

Pushing the boundaries of the idea.
Redundant t-shirt Redundant IV
t-shirt, 24/6/1991
phone booth t-shirt Phone Booth
t-shirt, 6/11/1991

Developed from a painting created at Art School.
Redundant t-shirt Redundant
t-shirt, 9/7/1991
Luna III t-shirt Luna, t-shirt

Luna Park artwork that is shows the signs of developing the idea further.
friends t-shirt Friends
t-shirt, 8/9/1991
Hunting t-shirt Hunting
t-shirt, 8/11/1991

Artwork developed from student film - Rural Sketchbook.
Hunting t-shirt Auction
t-shirt, 21/11/1991

Artwork developed from student film - Rural Sketchbook.
Pencil and friends t-shirt Pencil and friends
t-shirt, 27/11/1991

Artwork developed from characters from student films.
Rabbit Hunting t-shirt Rabbit Hunting
t-shirt, 1/12/1991

Artwork developed from student film - Rural Sketchbook.
Hills of Yea t-shirt Hills of Yea
t-shirt, 8/12/1991

Artwork developed from student film - Rural Sketchbook.
Luna edge t-shirt Luna edge
t-shirt, 17/12/1991

Luna Park imagery starting to be combined with the outback australian look and feel.
Rhino t-shirt Rhino
t-shirt, 22/12/1991

Rhino statue from Paris.
Italian village t-shirt Italian village
t-shirt, 23/12/1991

Developed from historic photograph of a moutain village in Italy.