Studio location St Kilda Road, Melbourne and Crows Nest, Sydney
At the beginning of the year Joe left Melbourne for a new job in Sydney. With a new environment around him his focus turned to the octopus imagery
Luna Park, Melbourne, 1991
Chopper, t-shirt Chopper
t-shirt, 2/1/1994

Artwork with Luna Park elements.
Leaving of melbourne t-shirt Leaving of Melbourne
t-shirt, 7/2/1995

Last artwork created before moving from Melbourne to Sydney in 1995.
Luna park t-shirt Luna park
t-shirt, 18/2/1995
Big Hand - Luna Park t-shirt Big Hand - Luna Park
t-shirt, 18/3/1995
Ferry in bath t-shirt Ferry in bath
t-shirt, 25/4/1995

Iconic view of Sydney.
Floating Austin t-shirt Floating Austin
t-shirt, 26/4/1995

Austin truck suspended from trees.
Luna Trees t-shirt Luna Trees
t-shirt, 5/5/1995

Idea based on depicting Luna Park as trees and rocks.
Octy n pump t-shirt Octy n pump, t-shirt

The octopus became something that could be a feature on top of a range of objects.
Octy & Pump t-shirt Octy & Pump

This image would become a symbol that I reworked many time.
mural Big Hand Octopus mural

Big Hand mural
Remote octy t-shirt Remote octy
t-shirt, 6/6/1995

Octopus on top of a remote conrol for a CD-I player.
VR Cafe t-shirt VR Cafe
t-shirt, 20/3/1994
Easel n Car Easel n Car
t-shirt, 28/6/1995

Iconic imagery of Sydney.
Big Hand octy t-shirt Big Hand octy
t-shirt, 11/7/1995
Octy n phone t-shirt Octy n phone
t-shirt, 17/7/1995

Octopus perched on top of a phone booth.
Octy surf t-shirt Octy surf
t-shirt, 24/7/1995
Politicians to go II t-shirt Politicians to go II
t-shirt, 10/8/1995
Sydney Luna Park t-shirt Sydney Luna Park
t-shirt, 10/10/1994
Luna collection t-shirt Luna collection
t-shirt, 10/9/1995
Luna collection t-shirt Sydney Luna Park
t-shirt, 10/9/1995
Octy n phone t-shirt Octy n phone
t-shirt, 21/9/1995

Each artwork is unique, so, as a new artwork is created it often differs from the original as I have tried to expand on the concept.
Luna dreams t-shirt Luna dreams
(front) t-shirt, 26/11/1994

This artwork was original on both sides of a T-shit. It's imagery reflects iconic images of Sydney.
Luna dreams t-shirt Luna dreams
(back) t-shirt, 26/11/1994

Luna Park's clowns feature on the back of this image.
Octy t-shirt Octy
t-shirt, 10/11/1995

I still have this t-shirt ten years after creating it.
Trumpets Trumpets
t-shirt, 11/12/1995