Studio location Crows Nest, Sydney
Moving back to Sydney gave Joe the opportunity to use his skills developed in Melbourne to portray the local community of Sydney
Crows Nest Studio, Photographs and layout for Ghost Train, 1996
Great Wall of China t-shirt Great Wall of China
t-shirt, 11/1/1996

A Dali type of landscape depicting the Great Wall of China expanding into the distance.
Luna park, t-shirt Luna park
t-shirt, 22/1/1996

Artwork with Luna Park elements.
Ferry on a wave t-shirt Ferry on a wave
t-shirt, 23/2/1996

This idea uses the Manly ferry on top of a large wave.
Ferry and Opera House t-shirt Ferry and Opera House
t-shirt, 15/3/1996

While the Manly ferry was a lot of work to paint, its image was effective next to the other icons from Sydney.
Luna park t-shirt Ghost train
denim shirt, 9/4/1996

Ghost Train from historical photograph from Luna Park.
Quay t-shirt Quay
t-shirt, 15/6/1996
Circular Quay t-shirt Circular Quay
t-shirt, 21/6/1996

You are always open to expanding the initial ideas. This artwork merges a Luna Park face with the quay in Sydney.
Luna Park t-shirt Luna Park
t-shirt, 11/7/1996

Themes from both Sydney and Melbourne's Luna Park merge together.
Adelaide tram t-shirt Adelaide tram
t-shirt, 4/9/1996
Flying over desert t-shirt Flying over desert
t-shirt, 12/10/1996
Flyin high t-shirt Flyin high

The theme of the bending plane starts to develop in this work.