Studio location North Sydney
Joe entered several exhibitions this year The North Sydney Art Prize and Mosman Art Prize. His artwork "Consumption" featured in the photograph below was researched from several archives and museums in Sydney to enchance his historical context of the idea
Brainwaave Studio, Photograph from Mosman Daily, June 18, 1998
Review article:
Joe in journey from the past (PDF 1 MB)
Musical Octopus, t-shirt Musical Octopus
t-shirt, 10/2/1998

A musical octopus!
Car Yard singlet Car Yard
singlet, 15/3/1998

Idea developed from photograph taken at Daley Waters, Northern Territory.
Consumption Consumption
board (60 x 90cm), 18/6/1998

Candidate for North Sydney art prize, Sydney.
Spaceship and Olgas Spaceship and Olgas
t-shirt, 2/7/1998
Consumption Consumption
t-shirt, 1/8/1998
Hot Rod Hot Rod
t-shirt, 24/8/1998

The logo for Urban Calamari.
Luna Park, tie Luna Park
tie, 10/9/1998

Artwork could be transfered to a tie with little change to the design.
Octopus, tie Octopus
tie, 10/9/1998
Fat Guy Fat Guy
acrylic on board, (30cm x 50cm), 12/9/1998

Changing from painting t-shirts to boards took some time to get us to develop.
Ferry, tie Ferry
tie, 18/9/1998
Octy n Citroen Octy n Citroen
t-shirt, 18/9/1998

The octopus developed in a character that would appear throughout my artwork.
Space, tie Space
tie, 20/9/1998
Space, tie Space II
tie, 29/9/1998
Dozer, tie Dozer
tie, 1/11/1998
Apollo 11 Octopus Apollo 11 Octopus
board (100 x 100cm), 11/11/1998

This artwork had a transportation theme, from the boats below to the space ships above.
Austin Olgas t-shirt Austin Olgas
t-shirt, 19/11/1998

This stunning image reveals a blue sky of the t-shirt.
Troubled waters Troubled waters
board, 28/12/1998

• Candidate for Mosman Art Prize 1999

• Tap Gallery, Images of the Cross 2005