Studio location North Sydney
Artwork this year focused on an outback theme that combined elements of Luna Park, the Octopus character and local environment
North Sydeny Studio, Photographs and layout for North Sydney Pool, 1999
Attack of the aliens, t-shirt Attack of the aliens
t-shirt, 22/2/1999

This work joins the space theme with imagery of Luna Park.
Octy n olympic pool Octy n olympic pool
t-shirt, 22/2/1999

Idea developed from photograph taken of North Sydney Olympic Pool.
Plane Plane
t-shirt, 26/3/1999
Luna Trees IV Luna Trees IV
t-shirt, 18/4/1999

Artwork based on Luna Park.
New Frontiers New Frontiers
acrylic on board (4m x 70cm), 6/5/1999

Space themed multi-panel board.
Plane Plane, t-shirt
Easel, t-shirt Easel, t-shirt

Reworking of old idea of having an easel within the image.
Luna Park denim Luna Park
denim top, 21/6/1999
Luna Park around tram Luna Park around tram
board, 22/6/1999

Luna Park features on the body of this W-Class Tram from Melbourne.
North Sydney Pool North Sydney Pool
board, 22/6/1999

A view of North Sydney Pool that includes Luna park and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Australia I Australia I
board (1m x 29cm) 23/6/1999

An Australian themed artwork.
Desert, t-shirt Desert
t-shirt, 25/6/1999
Olgas Olgas
board (60 x 90cm), 23/8/1999

Artwork developed from trip through central Australia.
Luna Park Luna Park
Octy over sydney t-shirt Octy over sydney
t-shirt, 22/9/1999
Luna Park, denim top Luna Park
denim top, 22/9/1999
Austin, t-shirt Austin
t-shirt, 6/11/1999

Image based on old Austin truck discovered at Silverton.
Future city III, board Future city III
board, 22/12/1999
Gas Station, board Gas Station
board, 22/12/1999

New Orleans, board New Orleans
board, 22/12/1999