Studio location North Sydney
Joe explored the architecture of the world with trips overseas to Bangkok, Barcelona, Northern Italy and Chicago. Gaudi's architecture from Barcelona was to become a strong influence, the seaweed in this painting reflects Gaudi's work
North Sydney studio, Killer Whales design, 2000
Killer Whales, t-shirt Killer Whales
t-shirt, 23/4/2000

Gaudi themed work, with Killer Whales.
Luna Trees, t-shirt Luna Trees
t-shirt, 25/4/2000
Spires, t-shirt Spires, t-shirt

Artwork inspired by Gaudi architecture.
Car and caravan Car and caravan
board, 2000
Bath tub Bath Tub
t-shirt, 2000
Octopus and Sydney Octopus and Sydney
t-shirt, 2000
Darling Harbour, board Darling Harbour
board, 8/10/2000

Gaudi 2021 Gaudi 2021
t-shirt, 21/11/2000

Combination of Gaudi elements.
Octy & doozers Octy and Dozers
t-shirt, 22/11/2000

Artwork with Doozers from Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock.
Gaudi, t-shirt Gaudi, t-shirt

Artwork with elements from Spain and Italy.
Octopus, t-shirt Octopus
t-shirt, 23/12/2000

The face of Urban Calamari.
Sydney 2000 Sydney 2000
tie, 23/12/2000