Studio location North Sydney
The last couple of trips overseas inspired Joe. His trip in 2001 to Egypt allowed him to explore new imagery

Ships of the desert Ships of the desert
board (110cm x 24cm), January

Early design with camels and mosque in background.
Al Qasr Al Qasr
board (110cm x 24cm), Feb

The idea was to create an image with multiple viewpoints.
Three wise camels Three wise camels
board (110cm x 24cm), March

The long board allowed me to experiment with a vista view.
Abu Simbel Abu Simbel
board (110cm x 24cm), April

The fabulos Abu Simbel.
Arabian Tales Arabian Tales
board (70 x 30cm)
Octy and Opera Octy and Opera
t-shirt, 23/6/2002
Camel Memphis
board (70 x 30cm), June

This artwork combined several different themes from Egypt.
Camelot Camel
board (70 x 30cm)

My symbol of Egypt.
Camelot Camelot
board (110cm x 24cm), August 2002

What sort of painting do you call lots of camels?
The Entrance The Entrance
board (70 x 30cm)

Image painted over at later date.
The citadel The Citadel
The Entrance The Entrance
Luxor mosque Luxor mosque

Image painted over at later date.
Kane n camel Kane n camel
t-shirt, 6/11/2002

Image painted over at later date.
Falcon and the fishes Falcon and the fishes
board (110cm x 24cm)

The egyptian god Horus looks out on his world.
Birriga Road Birriga Road
board (96 x 50cm), 10/12/2002

The corner of Birriga Road and Old South Head Road, Bondi
falcon Falcon and fishes
t-shirt, 2002
Luna Park Luna Park
t-shirt, 3/12/2002
Temple Temple
board (1m x 1m)

Very stylistic image of temples from Egypt.