Studio location North Bondi and North Sydney
From Bondi to New Zealand Joe's artwork covered a range of themes and reflections from urban to rural landscapes. A feature of his work was the use of the computer as a tool to create montages from photographs. This gave him flexibility to create many different images before starting painting
New Zealand landscape, Montage of photographs, 2003
Luxor, t-shirt Luxor
t-shirt, 2003
Elephant and camel, t-shirt Elephant and camel
t-shirt, 15/1/2003
Shack at Era Shack at Era
board (70 x 30cm), 26/3/2003

Artwork created from time spent at Era in the Royal National Park near Sydney.
Festival of the Wind, t-shirt Festival of the Wind
t-shirt, 10/5/2003
Victoria Cross Victoria Cross
board (70 x 30cm), 26/3/2003

Candidate for North Sydney Art Prize 2003.
Otago Hills Otago Hills
board (70 x 30cm), 13/7/2003

Ideas and colours from trip to New Zealand.
Air Transport Air Transport
digital, 23/7/2003

Illustration for poster at Australian National University, Canberra.
North Sydney Pool V2 North Sydney Pool V2
board (90 x 60cm), 26/3/2003

A reworking of the 1999 artwork of the same image.
Wedding Invitation Wedding Invitation
digital, 23/9/2003

Joe and Bel's wedding invitation which was created by drawing over a photo on the computer.
Flying over Bondi, t-shirt Flying over Bondi
t-shirt, 6/10/2003

Artwork inspired from living at North Bondi.
Temple Temple
board (70 x 30cm), 16/11/2003
Luna Park V Luna Park V
t-shirt, 10/12/2003