Studio location North Bondi and Greenwich, Sydney
2004 was a big year for Joe, what with getting married, buying a car, quiting work and moving to Greenwich with his lovely wife Belinda
North Bondi flight path, Drawing on photograph, 2004
North Bondi shops North Bondi shops
board, 23/2/2004
Octy in space, t-shirt Octy in space
t-shirt, 10/3/2004
Elephant n temple, t-shirt Elephant n temple
t-shirt, 29/3/2004
Octy n Pump t-shirt Octy n Pump
t-shirt, 7/4/2004
Luna Trees, t-shirt Luna Trees
t-shirt, 25/4/2004
Luna Park, t-shirt Luna Park
t-shirt, 4/5/2004
Festival of the Wind Festival of the Wind
board, 27/5/2004
wharves Wharves
board, 20/6/2004
Ferry n tub Ferry n tub
t-shirt, 21/6/2004
North Sydney Pool III North Sydney Pool III
canvas board (90 x 60cm), 6/7/2004

Candidaite North Sydney Art Prize 2004
Whale Whale, t-shirt
Lost in Civilisation Lost in Civilisation
canvas (100 x 60cm), 10/8/2004

Luna Park Memorabilia Show, Tap Gallery - Darlinghurst
Floating dozer Floating dozer
t-shirt, 31/8/2004
Opera Sails Opera Sails
t-shirt, 16/9/2004
Ships of desert Ships of desert
t-shirt, 27/9/2004
Ferry n tub II Ferry n tub II
canvas board, 2/10/2004

This artwork was created on small canvas boards for a frame shop in Crows Nest, NSW.
North Sydney pool North Sydney pool
canvas board, 7/10/2004

This artwork was created on small canvas boards for a frame shop in Crows Nest, NSW.
Octopus park Octopus park
t-shirt, 26/10/2004
Octy n pump Octy n pump
t-shirt, 8/11/2004
Camelot Camelot, t-shirt
Austin Austin Desert
t-shirt, 28/11/04
octy Octy n Phone
t-shirt, 18/11/04
Ferry and city Ferry and city
canvas (100 x 58cm), 28/12/04

Image that reflects Sydney and its harbour.