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An Introduction

Pottery has a long utilitarian history and clay is a traditional medium for building dwellings and vessels. However, clay also has aesthetic qualities that make it more than functional, its unusual malleability, along with the unique possibilities of glaze make it an attractive form for artists.

In addition, the elemental nature of pottery - from the earth, created in fire, and, in most forms, modelled by human hands are features that represent a contrast to the technological and sometimes overly mechanical way we live. Pottery remains hardwork, unpredictable and dependant on the efforts of a group to reach completion.

Articles: Pottery like painting

Paul Davis has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a potter in Australia and on the night he provided a wonderful insight into throwing and glaze techniques that are simple and spontaneous.

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The Works 2005 - 2007

My current works are predominately simple coil forms fired in primitive raku and pit kilns. This approach of minimal construction and decoration is both an aesthetic preference and a structural one.

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I keep a sketchbook to record interesting ceramic forms as well as other images, shapes and textures that I see in nature as well as in other artworks.

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